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3D modeling and animation have transformed numerous fields, including filmmaking, computer games, architecture and product design. Yet the underlying basis of high-quality 3D production originates in traditional design and animation methodologies. This course provides an introduction to the exciting world of 3D content creation, while emphasizing its connection to the creative thought process. Students will learn an overview of the artist workflow as it relates to modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering. This course offers a new dimension to the process of filmmaking and design.


Session 1: Modeling As Virtual Sculpture

Designing Expressive 3D Shapes

Session 2: Adding Materiality

Color, Surface and Texture

Session 3: The Principles Of Animation Applied To 3D

Applications of animation principles to the 3D environment

Session 4: Lighting For Mood

Applying lighting to your animation

Session 5: Final Output

Rendering and Post-Production