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Unity 3D

Our Unity products include 2D and 3D mobile games development. We develop beautiful mobile games that are optimized for iOS and android


Unreal Engine

Looking for bleeding edge visuals, readymade blueprints for various games and fantastic dynamic lightning? Unreal Engine is the perfect choice!



Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) seem to have beenon the cusp of mainstream success for years. GameStruck has not remained behind during this type of AR/VR and has cruised along the bandwagon during its immense success.



Using interactive games we provide a deep analysis of what kind of users from what domain and what age group are interested in the product.



We have worked with different motor companies to host a survey using our AR ads. Where the user can visualise the motor product, choose colors, models etc. In return we give the client a statistical report of how many users were interested in which make and model of their product.



Realizing the potential in Malls we built a product specifically targeting brands, where a consumer can choose products on a mirror and see how it looks on them. We also collect all this data and tell the brand how much of their products are being viewed by consumers, which product is the hottest and which size is most common etc.



Cricket simulation is a product that will be deployed in Pakistan sports board or different cricket club. In this simulator a batsman will play with an automated bowling machines, different types (fast, spin, leg spin etc) and will record the batsman’s data like where he was good or weak.



GameStruck being a gaming company also is a pioneer in developing different kind of experiences built around a physical room or a maze. The player now does not just stand and play at a fixed position, in-fact the physical surroundings of the player elevate their experience of virtual reality


VR Maze

VR Horror Room VR Laser Tag



 EzDealz is a very unique gaming application. Win instant prizes, cash and even discount deals on your favorite brands by just answering daily and weekly fun questions, guessing simple numeric codes and by solv- ing riddles. The fun is now also on your TV screen, use the app to play, compete and win real time on live Television on the hit TV gameshow EzJeet.



F Games has set a clear strategic direction for the next five years, we aim to focus on enhancing our larger audience based gamifi- cation products as well as VR/AR based products by collecting large data sets and then creating machine learning algorithms on the collect- ed data sets to train an artificial intelligent system that can give more precise data analytics and can give better predictions on the brands items based on collection from previous data sets. The intelligent system will also create strategic campaigns for the clients and how to run the using our products all with the help of data and machine learn- ing. With its large audience based gamification solution GameStruck plans on enhancing its solutions such as:

In-Mall Gamification

In-Stadium Gamification

TV channel and non-channel based game shows Interactive Billboard marketing

And with its AR/VR products GameStruck aims to revolutionize the gaming industry as we speak. GameStruck is currently working on different VR maze and room experiences that are out of this world. GameStruck is also working on a few AR products that are yet in proto- typing stages but will blow the e-commerce world once released for general public.

F Games is also involved in a lot of research on holograms for real time large scale simulations. In short, GameStruck has a lot up its sleeve that it plans to release in the gaming world in the near future.